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I think I dreamed the beginning of a book

Last night I had a very intense dream. I only remember bits and pieces of it now, but I do remember the woman in it telling me, "You have to remember my name. Allison Dehn. You have to remember it."

"Allison Dehn," I repeated. "Allison Dehn."

"Good," she said, and squeezed my hand. "Now remember it."

When I woke up this morning, I was mumbling "Allison Dehn, Allison Dehn." As I got dressed, I wondered if Dehn even was a last name. It certainly wasn't one I was familiar with. One of my upcoming books has a character named Allison in it, but even when I remembered that I was sure there was no connection.

So this morning, I google "Allison Dehn." There are 11 matches, including sentences where the last word in
one is Allison and the first word in the next is Dehn. Most of the rest are children, people whose middle
name is Allison and last name Dehn, or places wanting to sell me a people search.

I click through to one that seems to best fit. It seems to be a college allumni magazines and describes how many kids Allison Dehn has and where she is living.

The REALLY weird part? I have a slight acquaintance with the person listed directly below her in the magazine, someone who graduated from school with her in the same year. He's a YA author whose book I reviewed for the Oregonian.

What are the chances of that?

And don't you think I totally have to start a book where one character wakes up, remembering nothing but a person's name?

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