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How an author makes decisions about character

I reviewed Songs Without Words for the Oregonian. The New York Times says, “Before Ann Packer decided that Brody Mackay, a principal character in “Songs Without Words,” her latest novel, would be a successful Silicon Valley high-tech executive, she had him working at a floundering start-up. Since Brody was also dealing with his teenage daughter’s suicide attempt, members of Ms. Packer’s writers’ group suggested that his professional troubles might be, well, overkill…. For a couple of drafts he was a doctor, but that didn’t work either. Finally Ms. Packer settled on giving him a job at a Wi-Fi security systems developer and juxtaposed its jock-nerd atmosphere against the crisis roiling the family at home.”

Click here to read more about how Ms. Packer made her decisions about characters and plot. [Full disclosure: I envy her two thing: her converted garden shed and her writer’s critique group. Oh, and I guess her sales. And her books.]

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