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Slippery slope

My local bookstore, Annie Blooms, has joined other bookstores in challenging a new Oregon law that restricts the display and sale of books and magazines, which are protected by the First Amendment. Oregon House Bill 2843 makes it a misdemeanor to allow a minor under 13 to view or purchase a "sexually explicit" work.

“Under H.B. 2843, a bookseller can be prosecuted for allowing a curious 12-year-old to examine a sex education book if it contains drawings depicting sexual conduct, even one that is written for minors.”

Not only does this sound like a slippery slope, but I wonder if is this really saving kids from a serious problem.

And could Oregon end up with a case like the poor comic book retailer in Georgia? On Halloween in 2004 his store distributed free comic books as a promotional campaign. “One of the comics included a Free Comic Book Day edition of Alternative Comics #2 from the publisher of the same name. The comic included an excerpt from Nick Bertozzi’s graphic novel The Salon—a work of historical fiction about the cubism movement. It depicted a scene between artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, in which Picasso appears nude in three of eight pages. Based on an actual incident, the scene features no sex. Among the many comics given away, that issue of Alternative Comics was accidentally given to a minor—allegedly a nine-year-old boy. The boy’s parent objected to the comic and filed a complaint with the police. Lee offered to publicly apologize, but was rebuked and arrested.” [Read more about that case here.]

Read more about Oregon’s law here.

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