aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

OMG! I could even be IN the movie with Viggo Mortensen

The paper says they are looking for someone to play Charlize Theron's body double in the movie they are filming here in Oregon of THE ROAD - in a scene with Viggo Mortensen!

I know I can do this! According to the casting call, all I need is:
- milky white skin. Check!
- blonde or dirty blonde hair. Clairol, here I come! So check!
- to be five foot nine to five foot eleven. I'm five foot eight. So all I need to do is stand up really, really straight. So check!
- wear a size six to eight. I think I have a jacket in my closet that is a size eight. Again, check!
- be four months pregnant. I have a little bit of a belly. So again, I say, check! And mate!

Because I get to share a scene with Viggo! And make $125 a day! And be immortalized on screen!

Stardom, here I come!

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