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Fake (?), Fakier, Fakiest - and a Fun Fakier

No one has any idea how true a lot of memoirs are any more. Here are some examples.

New York Magazine looks at Augusten Burroughs. "“I can remember being 8 months old in my high chair,” he said, chewing nicotine gum between bites of a goat-cheese omelette. “I can remember learning to walk. I can remember the exact sound the wooden spoon made on the aluminum pot on the stove. I can remember that the lid of the pot had a little knob, putting it in my mouth like a nipple. I can remember my high chair’s tray: The metal was textured, it had peak-valley, peak-valley, peak-valley, a small design element, a striation.” Tomorrow he leaves for San Diego to give a speech to someone about something or other. He doesn’t remember. “I just show up and talk,” he says." Read more here.

And Vanity Fair looks at James Frey, author of a Million Little Pieces. ""Frankly, I don't even care. I don't care if somebody calls [A Million Little Pieces] a memoir, or a novel, or a fictionalized memoir, or what. I could care less what they call it. The thing on the side of the book means nothing. Who knows what it is. It's just a book. It's just a story. It's just a book that was written with the intention to break a lot of rules in writing. I've broken a lot of rules in a lot of ways. So be it."" Read more here.

And someone has stumbled across what seems to be the world's longest promotional video for the woman who wrote Love & Consequences, a memoir about a woman's supposed gang life, even though she actually went to the same private school the Olson twins did. See it here. Several thoughts on this: 1. Why does she sound Southern? 2. I think she is probably mentally ill - she has been living a lie for a long, long time. 3. I remember wondering if Love & Consequences was going to get mixed up with my new co-written mystery series called Faith & Consequences. No worries now, I guess.

And for a hoax of a completely different color: Alan Abel made a unique career out of being a professional hoaxer, fooling and humiliating the media. One example: He created a group to clothe naked animals. Walter Cronkite, believing the campaign was serious, devoted seven minutes to the story on the CBS Evening News. Read more here.

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