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I really AM special

I got this letter recently:

"It is my pleasure to inform you that you are being considered for inclusion into the 2007/2008 Cambridge Who's Who Among Executive and Professional Women "Honors Edition" of the Registry."

The title was in both bold and italics, and "honors edition" just in italics, but with quote marks around it. What's with the quote marks? Are they mocking themselves?

And I'm only being considered for inclusion! So it's not a sure thing, but at least they're thinking of me, and that's so exciting! And for the "honors edition" no less, not just that regular edition that anyone can be in.

"The 2007/2008 edition of the Registry will include biographies of our country's most accomplished women. Recognition of this kind is an honor shared by thousands of executive and professional women throughout America each year."

[Wait a minute. Thousands? So if I'm only being considered, how big is the pool? Like does it include all women?]

"Inclusion is considered by many as the single highest mark of achievement."

[I'm sure that's true. Why, being in some trumped-up registry beats the pants off the NY Times Bestseller list!]

"For accuracy and publication deadlines please return to us your application form within five business days from receipt of this letter. There is no cost to be included."

[Of course, there's no cost, right? This couldn't be a scam, could it?]

"On behalf of the Managing Director, we wish you continued success.


Jennifer A. Gonzalez
Editor in Chief

Cambridge Who's Who is proudly not associated or affiliated with any other Who's Who Publication or Organization"

[You read that right. Proudly NOT associated! ]

On their Web site you discover that there are many "optional" benefits:
All members of Cambridge Who’s Who automatically receive an official Certificate of Recognition to identify them as active and participating members of this elite community. This elegant, personalized document is specially designed for maximum impact and features the prestigious Cambridge seal of authenticity. These certificates can be beautifully matted and framed to enhance your décor while also commemorating this important highlight in a member’s career. Our membership is proud to prominently display this distinguished document in either their homes or offices.

“An optional benefit for members is the Cambridge Who’s Who wall plaque. Our wall plaques are crafted of the finest materials and are personalized with laser engraving as a personal tribute to honor our members’ success. The wall plaque is a tasteful way to further validate one’s status within a profession and add special emphasis to unique achievements. "”

[Wow! Nothing beats a "prestigious Cambridge seal of authenticity." I think I will put a plaque in every room!]

"Hard Cover Registry
Cambridge Who’s Who hardcover registry is an impressive and beautifully bound publication that contains the biographical profiles of thousands of accomplished individuals throughout the world who have attained levels of professionalism in their respected industries. This substantial volume is a testimony to a person’s personal and professional achievements and can be used for researching business opportunities and effortless networking. Imagine the impact of having your own personal biographical profile featured with the rest of the Cambridge Who’s Who community. This placement clearly demonstrates the level of achievement for our members and validates their varied individual accomplishments."

[Imagine! I could network with people who were stupid enough to fall for this cheesy rip-off. ]

In fact, here's one woman's experience as posted on scam.com:

"I too received the flattering letter via mail. I filled in the questionnaire (after reading that I would NOT be required to pay any money in order to be listed).. and sent my information in. I just received a phone call from one of their account representatives. She asked me a few more questions and then pleasantly announced that I had been selected to be a member of this elite group. I thanked her for the honor and she proceeded to tell me that my welcome kit and bio draft would be sent via mail. I was to edit the bio and then send in the correct version for print. Soon to follow, would be my CD member roster, online password, and hard copy registry. I would also have a link to my company on their website, receive an official letter of congratulations and a Cambridge logo for advertising/PR purposes. I was feeling really good and my head was swelling with pride. THEN - she asked which membership I wanted.. the $400+ yearly rate with an additional $150+? for something (by this point my mind was spinning)... OR did I want the lifetime membership for just $675+???"

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