aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

100 years ago, did a female serial killer escape detection?

Usually, female serial killers have a male accomplice. But rarely, there is a female serial killer who works by herself. Male serial killers are usually sexually motivated and seek power over their victims. Their victims are often people society won't miss. Female serial killers usually kill for profit.

Now investigators are trying to solve the twisted tale of a woman who was known as Lady Bluebeard. How many people did she kill? And did she fake her own death? Her husbands and children seemed to have a habit of turning up dead, another difference between male and female serial killers. Male serial killers usually don’t know their victims.

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[Full disclosure: I've written probably 10 or 11 mysteries and thrillers, but never with a serial killer, because I just don't want to spend 6-10 months in that person's head.]

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