aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

The strangest spam

I just got the strangest unsolicited email. There’s no way to opt out of it – I’m not sure where the author found my email address. I’m on a bunch of lists, so I assume he went fishing.

It’s a solicitation to check out a book. It’s clearly self-published, bearing one of the worst clip art covers I’ve ever seen.

And try to fit all these pieces together and come up with a coherent thought about the book:
- At the top of the email it says, “What is reality? Who is God? How do we get God to save us?
- On the book’s cover it says it’s a “spy novel”
- The clip art is of palm trees
- When you click through annoying Jamaican music begins to play in an endless loop and you can read the first few pages.
- And the first few pages are about a woman who meets a hot guy at a resort. “The island breeze blew through her mind chasing away cares like wispy clouds across an azure sky.”

But then when I tried to read about the author, it seems like he’s published some well-respected books, albeit twenty years ago. But in this solicitation, the pieces don’t fit together into any kind of whole. A spy novel about the nature of God and reality and Jamaica and pick-ups?

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