aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Why I love Portland/Oregon

1. Because I voted at home on Thursday night, with easy access to my voters' pamphlet and the Internet if I had questions. Vote by mail rocks! (And those people who said it wouldn't work in Florida to figure out how to seat the delegates there were wrong - it works very well here.)

2. 90 minutes to the coast, 90 minutes to the mountains.

3. Physician-assisted suicide. Another thing the pundits said wouldn't work. Many more people get the prescription than use it - but if I were dying and in pain, I would like the option.

4. Bands that call Portland home (or at least most members do): Death Cab for Cutie, the Shins, the Decemberists, and Modest Mouse.

5. Powells.

6. Really great restaurants.

7. If you like to bike, this is a good place for it. [Full disclosure: I'm too chicken, because of very vivid and decades-old memories involving my first bike ride in five years, a steep hill, a new bike, and a car that came out of nowhere. I shredded my clothes, a great deal of skin, and any sense of dignity.]

8. A robust library system [at least in Multnomah County.]

9. A commitment to being green, buying local, and eating fresh.

[Full disclosure: who was that in the back that said something about overcast skies and rain? I can't hear you! I'm putting my fingers in my ears right now!]

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