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When you know Kindness

PW writes about two Random House sales reps (Ann Kingman and Michael Kindness) who started giving their spiel, not just to booksellers, but to bookgroups, and then in bookstores. To groups ranging from 12 to 120. Wow! An actual author would be pretty pleased with those numbers.

Now they have a blog and podcasts as well. “Because their blog and podcasts aren’t an official Random House project, the pair are free to talk about whatever they’re reading, whether its Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants (Algonquin) or Michael Chabon’s Maps and Legends (McSweeney’s). However, “by the nature of our jobs we read mostly Random House,” says Kindness. As in their instore talks, Kindness and Kingman focus on trade paperbacks, generally a mix of new books, forthcoming titles and favorites from a few seasons past.”

Read more here. All I can say is - I’m impressed!

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