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Kid and I have begun to play Scrabble in the evening. Kid's idea. We are about evenly matched, even though kid has not yet transferred to Teen status.

I never played Scrabble when I growing up. Looking back, the only game I remember us having at home was The Game of Life (or was it just Life?) My girlfriend's family owned The Games People Play, which was based on "transactional analysis" - it was actually a halfway decent game, even if I didn't get the meaning behind it.

I never thought I was particularly smart in school. I took advanced math, but that just meant I got hang out with the other nerdy kids. My senior year, I had to ask to get into advanced English.

When we got our SAT scores back, I had the second highest score at our large school. It felt kind of like a fluke. All the smart people had already been appointed.

I didn't play Scrabble until college. The people who liked to play it knew all the words you could make with a Q and no U. They didn't have to look at the inside of the box for the rules. Meanwhile, I was happy if I could use four of my letters. The scores were always amazingly lop-sided.

Now, I think I'm beginning to understand Scrabble's allure.

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