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How important is a Web site to an author?

An NPR story says, “Avideh Bashirrad, deputy director of marketing at Random House, says that a book Web site has to be dynamic and attractive and should deliver information that isn't in the book. "A letter from the author, for instance, directly to the readers, or even an invitation to e-mail the author directly, that kind of thing is really important to readers," says Bashirrad. "To be able to reach out to them makes readers feel really special and also builds loyalty."”

And an author says, ""I hate to think of a day where a compelling book or a compelling authorial voice would be lost simply because that person doesn't have a Web site."

I think it is good to have a Web site, but I’m not sure it actually creates new readers. or that the lack of a Web site dooms a book. I think it usually appeals to readers you already have.

What do you think? And do you have any examples of Web sites that actually might create new readers?

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