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An author surprises me

Usually, an author’s views on a particular subject color what happens in their books. But this weekend I re-read Susan Beth Pfeffer’s Life as We Knew It (after savoring “the dead and the gone” back in April) and I was struck by something.

In LAWKI, Miranda is not religious, even in the face of the world falling apart. Neither is her family. She has one friend who has recently got very religious and who is now preachy and annoying. Later in the book, she meets the girl’s pastor, and he’s even worse – intolerant and still a normal weight when others are starving.

Okay. So you would think that Pfeffer saw organized religion as a bad thing.

Ah, but in the dead and the gone, Alex Morales and his family are Catholic. They are all, to varying degrees, sustained by their faith. The priests and nuns and fellow parishoners in the book are all basically good.

I hope I’m that flexible in my writing.

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