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Mother Theresa appears on What Not to Wear

For years (I'm talking as an adult) we made do with antennae on the roof. Then we got cable because we wanted high-speed internet, but we only got "basic" - local channels, Discovery, Hallmark, several shopping channels.

Now we upgraded to a slightly larger range of cable channels as part of Comcast's Triple Play. Which means we get a few free "on demand" shows. One is "What Not to Wear." Kid and I have watched a couple. They seem to follow a basic story arc: woman is secretly filmed wearing her ugly clothes, goes on show, Clinton and Stacy trash her clothes (literally), there is a minor crisis where it looks like she can't or won't change, then she looks beautiful.

The first one we saw involved a former exotic dancer who always pinned a tail and a bell to her butt and wore a crazy mix of clothes. Clinton, holding up a size 6X top (ie, for a six year old child): "Just because you can get your head through it doesn't mean it fits."

The one we watched yesterday was about a recycling advocate who dressed in castoffs and her husband's clothes. A lot of shapeless stuff. But, I thought, probably practical, given that she has to actually touch a lot of the recycling.

So we started imagining what would have happened if Mother Theresa had gone on the show.

Stacy as she fills a garbage can: "You've got a cute figure and you hide it underneath these shapeless saris!"

Clinton: "Just because you're working with lepers doesn't mean you can't show off your hot body!"

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