aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Taking a break from killing people

I feel kind of bad, but I just spent the morning killing someone with Sarin gas. It wasn't pretty. I skipped over the yucky stuff that happens at the very end. I mean, there's reality and there's reality, and maybe some stuff you're better off not thinking about.

Speaking of reality, did you know that it's only in books, TV, and movies that people consistently get knocked out when they are hit on the head? I heard a doctor speak at a mystery conference once. He said people who get hit on the head are usually pissed off and in pain - but still fully conscious. And if you hit someone hard enough to knock them out, there's also the good chance for brain damage.

Heck, half of the plots of Desperate Housewives would fall apart without that.

I forgot to mention that I was interviewed by the lovely gals over at author2author.

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