aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

How fast can you write?

Sisters in Crime just interviewed publishers, agents, and booksellers about the mystery and thriller market. I was really struck by this: “The folks at HarperCollins said they can do a lot for authors who write more than a book a year. (This was a common theme among the publishers.) Pubbing authors more frequently helps to brand them better. And that’s the goal--to establish every author as a distinct “brand.” We also talked about sales velocity--the speed with which large numbers of books should be sold in the early weeks of a title's release. The old publishing model was to keep books in print for the long haul. But now all the publishers want books sold fast, upon release. Good sales velocity encourages keeping books in print. Confusing? Yes, but it’s the current wisdom.”

The books I’m writing with Lis Wiehl are coming out nine months apart. So I guess we’re doing our part.

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