aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Why put out a press release when you can put out a book?

Inc. com looks at a “mini trend in the world of public relations has companies replacing their run-of-the-mill press releases with promotional materials that look and feel like children's books.”

I guess they’re are going for irony. “The less a company has to do with children, the better the juxtaposition of format and message seems to released Mommy, Why Is There a Server in the House? Poking fun at children's titles that address thorny social issues, the book explains a family's decision to buy a "stay-at-home server." The book, which was cross-promoted in Microsoft's online campaign for the product line, drew coverage in The New York Times. It also garnered enthusiastic reader reviews on Amazon.com, where it retails for $5.95.”

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