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My new jacket!

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And the jacket copy [full disclosure: some hyperbole ahead!]
When her parents are busted on drug charges, the FBI gives Ellie a choice: cooperate by infiltrating the Mother Earth Defenders (MED), a radical environmental group that may be turning to violence - or stand by and let her parents go to jail for life.

Soon, Ellie is immersed in the dangerous world of extreme activism, including setting a Hummer dealership on fire. But the more time she spends undercover - particularly with Coyote, the gorgeous green-eyed MEDic - the harder it is to tell who's right and who's wrong. When MED's plans turns to murder, will Ellie have the courage to keep her cover and save her parents-even if it means losing Coyote and putting her own life on the line?

The author of THE acclaimed YA thriller, ShockPoint, April Henry boldly tackles an issue ripped straight from today's headlines. A fiery blend of action and romance, Torched will ignite the imagination of readers as they burn through the pages to see what happens next.

Back Flap
April Henry came up with the idea for Torched when she heard a radio interview with an FBI spokesperson after a radical environmental group had torched the offices of a local lumber company. She writes, "The spokesperson said that the FBI had been unable to penetrate the group. Now of course, if they had someone undercover, they would never have revealed it. But it got me thinking: Most of the activists are under twenty-five, but you can't be an FBI agent until you are at least twenty-three. So would the FBI be forced to turn to an underage informant - or even create one?"

April's literary career began when she was only 11 and sent a story to Roald Dahl. Not only did Dahl write back, he liked it so much he helped her get it published in a children's magazine! Since then, she has written a number of adult mystery novels, as well as the young adult thriller, Shock Point. April lives in Portland, Oregon. You can visit her at www.aprilhenrymysteries.com.

Back of the jacket
Praise for April Henry's stunning YA debut:
- An ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers
- New York Public Library's Books for the Teen Age
"Cassie is a strong and sympathetic character who relies on her wits and determination from the very first page...Henry packs her first YA novel with the quick action and suspense that will keep even reluctant readers turning the pages." - School Library Journal

"Along with solid plotting and suspense comes a likable heroine who's a good match for the nefarious adults in her life." - Booklist

"[A] suspenseful tale of betrayal." - Publisher's Weekly

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