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Salon’s take on BEA

Salon had an interesting article on BEA. Here's part:
“In general, "juvenile" publishers and authors did seem more upbeat. Sherman Alexie, who has written several adult titles and last year won the National Book Award for his first Y.A. (young adult) novel, "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian," is a case in point. "No one in Y.A. is talking about that," he said when asked about the dire forecasts on the future of reading. "They're talking about how the genre is booming. Maybe writers for adults can learn something there: write more like the Y.A. writers." What did Y.A. fiction offer? Stronger stories and less ornate prose? That and more, Alexie concurred. "The audience doesn't tolerate bullshit," he added.

“"I'm not actually pessimistic," said David Ulin, editor of the L.A. Times Book Review, in an aisle seething with convention-goers snapping up free tote bags and advance reader's copies of forthcoming novels by such authors as Toni Morrison, Philip Roth and Dennis Lehane. "I think people will still go on reading books." Times employees are nervously awaiting a rumored round of layoffs, but Ulin believes that his section, the survivor of much-lamented cutbacks last year, is safe for now. The future of newspaper book sections remains uncertain, however, given the distressed state of newspapers in general. One publisher noted that some papers in major West Coast cities like San Francisco and Seattle didn't even send their book editors to the convention this year, a bit of economizing that would have been unthinkable a decade ago.”
Read more here.

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