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Bye-bye Booksense, hello Indie Next List – but I’m not sure it’s a good idea

Booksense – which I’ve had two books on - has been replaced by the Indie Next List. It seems like it’s basically the same: “Importantly, the Next List preserves the essence of the Picks: Every title on the list is drawn from bookseller-recommended favorites. Like the Picks list, each month the Next List will reflect the titles that independent booksellers are most excited about handselling to their customers.”

Okay, so if it’s not really any difference – except for a new logo and a “refreshed and reinvigorated” brochure – it feels like it just lost any name-recognition it might have had with the public. I’m just putting on my hat as a former PR person here.

I mean, I can understand that the American Booksellers Association wants to think of a way to get people to shop at independent bookstores. “The new IndieBound initiative is a community-oriented movement -- involving booksellers, readers, indie retailers, local business alliances, and others -- that proclaims the importance of independent businesses, promotes those values that make indies unique, and provides booksellers with help to spread the passion and sell more books.”

But couldn’t they have kept the term “Booksense” as part of IndieBound?

Any booksellers care to comment?

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