aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

This is what happens when you write "ripped from the headlines" stories

Sometimes writing about something topical is good. Like my next book is about the Environmental Liberation Front, and ELF has been active and in the news lately.

Sometimes it's bad, like in this story about how GM might stop making Hummers. Because my next book begins with three kids in an ELF-like group torching a Hummer dealership.

I thought this part of the article was funny. "Brand Tags, Noah Brier's clever application that collects the reactions of consumers -- the ultimate arbiters of a brand's meaning -- to company and product names and arranges them in tag clouds, gives a good idea how the public perceives Hummer today. The most prominent tags in a cloud full of offensive terms: "asshole," "gas," "gas guzzler," "stupid," "waste," "wasteful." "Small penis" was also a popular tag entered by people who visited the site but might be beside the point here."

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