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Any cyber sleuths out there? Could this be a hoax?

I was looking for a transcript of a police interview, so I could see how it was structured. One of the things I found was this horror. This guy flat out admits to assaulting his ex-wife in horrible ways (which caused her death 13 days later). He doesn't seem to realize that saying you forced yourself on a woman who is bleeding, gagged, and bound is not "making love." He denies that he killed her, though, but it's all stuff like this "But she kept crying so I kept hitting her in her mouth to shut her the hell up. When I hit her she fell off the couch but couldn't go anywhere because she was tied up so she did that army guy style thing again. So I grab and drag her into the next room which was the kitchen and she's still crying and trying to talk but all this blood kept coming out of her mouth instead and I said are you trying to tell me you love me and she kept spitting blood, she wouldn't nod or nothing so I grab a wrench near the sink and pounded on her head--"

I was horrified. But what's a bit strange is I can find no news articles that reference this murder, only mentions on domestic violence sites. I can't find a cop named Owen Walters.

Can someone find a news account? No matter what combination of names I use to Google, I can't find anything. The killer is Bruce David Daniels. The victim was named Rachel Susan Ciraolo Daniels Miller.

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