aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Falling on my a@@

Kid - who will be promoted to Teen next week - is going on a five-day hike next week. We were concerned kid's hiking boots were not broken in enough. So we hiked Dog Mountain. It's kind of punishing on the way up. We stopped at the wildflower meadow for lunch. On the way back down, kid and I bonded over the fact that while nature is beautiful, hiking isn't necessarily our thing.

Some people several switchbacks below us let their dog poop on the trail, and then dealt with it by flicking it off to the side with a stick. Kid must not have noticed, because kid lifted head and said with a tone of joy, "I smell the outhouse! We must be near the end!"

I laughed so hard my boots went right out from under me on some loose scree (I love that word). Bam! Flat on my butt. I have a bruised right palm, a left middle finger I'm beginning to think might be broken, and a very very sore butt. Oh, and my dignity hurts.

Then, to make matters better, I think I left my sunglasses in the wildflower meadow. And it seems like spouse's phone was on top of the car and is now somewhere near The Bridge of the Gods.

But kid's hiking boots felt good and didn't leave any blisters.

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