aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Sherwood Anderson - my role model

Tody's the birthday of Sherwood Anderson, who wrote Winesburg, Ohio. The Writer's Almanac says, "As a young man, he got a job as an advertising copy writer, and eventually got a job managing a mail-order paint company in Elyria, Ohio. But one day, out of the blue, he stood up from his desk and walked out of the office, ignoring everyone who asked where he was going, and decided to become a writer."

I work full time and often write advertising copy, but I've got plans to do what Sherwood did. Except I already am a writer.

It also says he " encouraged the young William Faulkner, whom he met in New Orleans. He inspired Faulkner to write his first novel and helped him get published." [Full disclosure: I used to be represented by the same literary agency that still represents Faulkner's estate. Once I lied and said I lost the list in the hope the new list of authors would show me on the same page as Faulkner, but it was a long list and we were on different pages. Ditto me and JD Salinger.]

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