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Write mysteries and thrillers? How fast can you write?

Authors are feeling the pressure to put out at least a book a year. As this article on Boston.com says “No one is forced to sign a book-a-year contract, of course, but in the thriller and suspense genres, which make the biggest profits and dominate best-seller lists, publishers are desperate for writers to be as predictable as the seasons. "There's enormous pressure on writers to repeat at least annually, and some can do it more frequently," said Meg Ruley, a New York literary agent. "The rapid publishing sequence is a reality of the retail marketplace. In commercial fiction, it's crucial. This is what we have come to."”

And here’s one lady I’m jealous of/amazed by: “Not everyone minds a breakneck writing schedule. Allison Brennan of Sacramento, Calif., has published eight suspense/romance novels in the past 2 1/2 years. She writes while her five children are in school or asleep. "I would be so bored to write a book a year," she said.”

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