aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Do you think he feels any shame?

I'm toying with writing a book based on a real crime that happened in 1982. A girl was taken from her car and her body was never found.

Last night I watched an old episode of Unsolved Mysteries on the case that I got from Netflix. The family hired a psychic, and he was interviewed, plus they recreated it. The psychic claimed that a few days before he was contacted, he woke up and saw a woman standing at the foot of his bed. Then he realized it was a ghost. "Being a psychic all my life it wasn’t that strange a thing. I knew there was some reason for it." Then he gets the package from the family with the police report and her picture and he recognizes her. He portentously tells the camera "First impression – this girl was dead." You think? When there are clearly signs of a struggle and her car was left running, the door open? Then he says he had a vision of a house.

The police take him to where the car was found, and he says psychic energy can linger, he can feel fear and terror. Uh huh. It's not like he found the spot on his own.

The cops had a list of men who owned pickups like one a witness had seen that night. In the Unsolved Mysteries recreation (which seemed to slightly alter a lot of the story) the cop reads down the list of names and the psychic stops on one and says "That's it!" And they go there and the house is the one he had the vision of! And when he talks to the guy he has a limp handshake and the psychic says, "and I knew that he knew that I knew he had done it."

An hour later, the guy hung himself. Everyone expressed anger that he had never said where her body was. And it was clear from Unsolved Mysteries that he was guilty, guilty, guilty.

Cut to 2007. A guy in prison confesses that he and another con, now dead, killed the girl. He knows facts that were never made public.

What I want to know is: what about the poor guy who hung himself? He must have had his own demons, but he did not kill this girl. Despite what Mr. Psychic proclaimed, all comfortable in his certainty and his visions.

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