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Who really writes celebrities' books?

Books written by celebrities are hot, and probably always will be. Publishers Lunch alone yesterday listed two big deals for celebrity books: "Motley Crue frontman and lead singer Vince Neil's rock 'n roll memoir to Grand Central, in a major deal, at auction; Tony Award winner Patti Lupone's memoir to Harmony Books, at auction." For one thing, celebrities have an established fan base and often have a platform of one kind or another.

Chances that their will be the only people writing "their" books? Slim. (Although a few do.)

The Guardian has a fascinating article on ghosting with some juicy behind the scenes tales, including celebrities who admit they've never read their "autobiographies."

"The growth of celebrity fiction in both the adult and children's markets has led to a wider acknowledgement of the ghostwriter, who has partially come in from the cold; celebrities, their publishers and those who buy their books are quite knowingly and willingly colluding in a kind of illusion. In our culture of reality stardom, honesty and openness are the cardinal virtues; the public will cheerfully accept most things from our celebrities except the knowledge that they have deliberately tried to deceive us. This was the golden rule stated by Christy Walsh, the man who coined the term "ghostwriting" in 1921 and established the Christy Walsh Syndicate to produce articles and books in the names of leading American sportsmen, including Babe Ruth. "Don't insult the intelligence of the public by claiming these men write their own stuff," was his code of conduct, and it's one that publishers are still trying to interpret."

Read more a href="http://books.guardian.co.uk/departments/generalfiction/story/0,,2285767,00.html">here.</a>

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