aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

My dream – come true!

My dream has come true! The only catch is that it came true for someone else – Melissa Walker. She has written a couple of YAs about a teenage model named Violet. She writes from an insider’s perspective, because she was involved in the fashion industry. I’ve given both books to my kinda-kid, who also models, who has loved both of them.

Anyway, Melissa’s book was featured on NPR! I’m a big NPR junkie. It has spoiled me for television news, which often feature filler stories, like this one about llamas. NPR has in-depth stories that can go on for five minutes (the world ending would be lucky to get a minute thirty on TV news) and international news, which is sorely lacking from TV these days. And I don’t recall hearing one single story about llamas.

You can take a gander or a listen to the story with Melissa’s book here.

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