aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

You just knew this had to happen, didn't you? AKA Why didn't I think of that?

Quick? What are the two most popular ideas out there that keep getting used again and again in novels? Concepts so popular that they are nearly cliches?

If you said: Jane Austen and vampires, you win!

So why didn't we think of this book, as listed in Publisher's Lunch: "Michael Thomas Ford's JANE BITES BACK, the humorous, sassy account of Jane Austen as a modern-day vampire and her frustration with her inability to get another novel published, and with contemporary portrayals of her life and work, to Liz Scheier at Del Rey, in a three-book deal, at auction, by Mitchell Waters at Curtis Brown (world English)."

Can you think of any other hot, hot, hot concepts that we could combine?

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