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One more thing that $4+ gas may hurt: book events

The Oregonian just ran a big article about how high gas prices are affecting concerts. Big concerts, with their trailers and trucks, are obviously very expensive to take from place to place – especially at a time when consumers might balk at paying more for a ticket. They looked at some local indie bands that are having to cancel gigs because it’s just too expensive to drive there. One band is – seriously – touring by bike. The bass player has even designed a special trailer for his instrument.

PW says, “A few days before Steve Martini was set to do a signing at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego his publicist, Pam Jaffee at Morrow, got a call from a worried Mysterious Galaxy staffer. The bookseller was concerned that, although Martini has always brought crowds--his books are set in the coastal California metropolis--people might not be willing to drive to the store because of through-the-roof gas prices.”

Read more here.

Plus here’s a funny story about Steve Martini that GM Ford told me (and I will now probably mangle). Jerry was working on something that needed some law-related info, and he asked Steve (who was a lawyer) about it. Steve looked at him in amazement and said, “Jerry, I just make that shit up.”

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