aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

And this guy's a science teacher!!

Planned Parenthood is building a new clinic in North Portland. The developer just pulled out because protesters are sending emails, letters, and even staking out contractors' houses.

Planned Parenthood says that of their clients "38 percent of patients seek contraception, 29 percent need treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and infections, and 3 percent seek abortions."

But not according to Bill Diss. "They're up in North Portland targeting young black girls to get them into a life of sex," said Diss, a science teacher at Portland's Benson High. He "said the effort is designed to remind the businesses involved in the project whom they're working for. He called Planned Parenthood a "killing center" that targets young girls, teaching them about sex and masturbation, which he called "the gateway drug to lust."

The gateway drug to lust!!!!

Planned Parenthood kept me from being a pregnant high school student. More than ten times as many women go there for contraception than for abortions. What do you want to bet that Mr. Diss is against contraception as well?

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