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How can we reach Generation Z?

BEA looked at how authors and publishers can reach Generation Z. The answers seemed to be all over the map. Some made sense, like this: “John Green's third novel, Paper Towns. On October 16, Ditlow [an audio publisher] will make available seven platforms for the audiobook, including CD, MP3, Audible, Overdrive and Playaway. In a follow-up conversation, he explained, "It's sort of a test, because there's a lingering feeling that a cannibalization goes on, and I don't believe that. I believe that each has its own demographics. [With YAs,] you have to get them where they live and breathe. They're downloading at the library, at home from the Web--the more channels the merrier."

Others made less sense, like this: “Clique series author Lisi Harrison called authenticity the crucial element for teens.” [Full disclosure: If the Clique series is authentic, I might as well shoot myself right now.]

Read more here.

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