aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Ants (nearly) in my pants

During the week, my husband drives his car and I drive mine (not so much anymore, I try to walk most places). On weekends, we usually take his car because he likes to drive more than I do.

Yesterday, I opened the passenger side door. It was like a Discovery Channel special. An entire colony of ants - the World Wide Interweb informs me they might be pavement ants or small black ants - had taken up residence inside the car door, just on the far side of the rubber gasket that seals off the passenger compartment. There was a cluster of white larvae or eggs or whatever and hundreds of ants scurrying up and down the entire length of the door frame.

We vacuumed them up and then I sprayed the inside of the frame with Simple Green, just trying to disrupt their scent trails. Later, we went to the fireworks. It took a long to walk to the waterfront, and we got their far earlier than we needed to. Twenty minutes of fireworks, and then we ended up getting lose in an industrial area underneath the freeway when we attempted to return to our car. There was rubble and barriers and no light - and no people for that matter.

Teen said excitedly that it looked just like something out of Teen's Tony Hawk video game.

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