aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

My new best friend - not

On July 1, on a hot and unusually humid evening, I headed out to my neighborhood book store for a reading of Finding Nouf. . I felt pleasantly charitable. I was going to go see a brand new author, a mystery writer like me. Support the troops, represent, all that. So often at signings, there aren’t that many people. Last year about this time, I went to a reading by a guy whose book had been on the Canadian bestseller list for weeks.

I was the only one there.

The event coordinator opened the till and took out enough money to buy him and me a beer at the bar next door.

Back to the present. What was the publicist thinking, I wondered as I walked along, booking a first time novelist in the middle of a holiday week in the summer. The author, Zoe Farris, would probably be all alone. We would bond in the bar. We might become best friends.

I had brought my laptop and arrived 15 minutes early, figuring I would work in solitary splendor – and airconditioning! – before the event began.

When I walked in the store, every seat was already taken.

Can we say “hubris”?

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