aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Signs and portents

After my husband got off work yesterday, we drove for five hours to be with a relative who will have surgery today.

When I was driving, I hit a bird. It bounced off the windshield. I think I killed it. I feel really bad.

My husband was alert enough to not hit a deer at dusk - and to look for the nearly full-grown fawn ready to leap out after its mama.

In the mountains, the only radio we could pick up was from LA. So we know all about the traffic and weather problems in another state. Then we got a station from Boise that was playing The Factor. The scary thing was that I kind of agreed with O'Reilly.

This morning, I discovered that I forgot to pack a bra. So I'm wearing the top I wore yesterday - with a built-in bra - underneath another shirt. My husband forgot to pack his razor.

The motel where we are staying is far past run down. There are a group of motorcyclers staying here. They are revving their engines outside our window right now. The carpet is so covered with stains and spills that I have resolved not to go barefoot. The bathroom sink is peeling. Not sure how that's possible. This morning, I could not turn off the shower.

I told myself I could get a ton of writing done in the surgery waiting room. We'll see.

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