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Time to kill

People who ride mass transportation, smokers, people in waiting rooms – they are all people with a little bit of time on their hands. Quite often they are readers, too. Now a former paralegal has started a giveaway for Washington DC subway riders called Bit O’ Lit, which features 6-8 pages excerpts from several books. Publishers pay about $150 page.

"It's kind of a retro idea, in this read-excerpts-online world, but it's a neat idea -- giving books to people who have time to kill on the subway," said Carl Lennertz, vice president of Independent Retailing at HarperCollins. After meeting MacDonald last winter and liking her concept, he put her in touch with other publishing houses; so far, Bit o' Lit's expanding lineup of sources includes Farrar Straus Giroux, Hyperion and others.

Read more here.

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