aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Stars Upon Thars: How many stars does a book need to be a success?

Horn Book delves into the secrets behind starred reviews here. [Full disclosure: Learning to Fly got starred reviews from both Library Journal and Booklist. I've never gotten a star from Kirkus, but that's practially an impossiblity.]

One thing the author says that's kind of scary: "Librarians and publishers agree that two stars are better than one, opening wallets for both book purchases and advertising. And everyone loves to see three or four — Mimi Kayden of HarperCollins says that 'if a book gets three or more stars, then we will probably advertise it. Two is still iffy. One doesn't cut it anymore.'" Geez. That's discouraging that three stars only leads to "probably."

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Tags: horn book, starred reviews
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