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Alcohol + cars + bikes = bad idea

Portland is usually known as a laid-back town – and a haven for bicyclists. But in the last few days, it’s been like the Wild West.

First, a cycling advocate driving a car yelled at a bicyclist who blew through a red light. The cycling advocate caught up with the bicyclist and chewed him out. The cyclist didn’t like that enough that he picked up his bike and used it to hit the car.

More recently, a cyclist didn’t like a driver who sped through a residential area – and told him so. The driver’s response – to run over his bike, and then to try to run over the bike rider. With no here to go, the cyclist ended up on the hood of the car for five blocks, clinging first to the windshield wipers and then the crack where the hood meets the windshield. He was finally able to get off safely.

Common factors? Strangers who complained about another’s behavior – and both of the bad guys were legally drunk. See more here.

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Tags: bikes, road rage
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