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It was 20 years ago today

Nike’s Just Do It slogan turned 20. I love it so much that I still carry a Just Do It keychain. I lost my first one on a five-mile run (along with my keys) ten years ago. I retraced my route twice (for the most exercise ever) but I never found the keys. I was able to buy a replacement key chain off ebay for under $2.

Nike is pretty amazing. My husband works near their Beaverton campus, and several friends and friends of friends work there. You hear stories of committed employees getting Swoosh tattoos on their calves. When Phil Knight sold some stock this year and paid state taxes, he was responsible for Oregon’s budget being in the black. My favorite Nike commercial of all time was the Y2K one. [My poor coworker spent that New Years Eve in the “command center” as absolutely nothing happened to our hospital system.] You can see the commercial here.

Read more about the slogan here. It’s a pretty good philosophy for writing as well.

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