Why I love John Dufresne – and why you should too!

1) Because Requiem, Mass is a People Pick. As in People Magazine, people!!!

2) Because he wrote a great book about writing – one of the best.

3) Because he wrote Love Warps the Mind a Little , a book that solidified my dream of being a writer,

4) Because he wrote me back after I wrote him about how much I loved Love Warps the Mind a Little (pre-Internet) and told me “Best of luck in your writing. Just hang in there. We’re all in this for the long ride.” [Full disclosure: I still have the letter, and Susan Fromberg Schaffer’s, and Sheila Ballantyne’s and a few others.]

5) Because when I finally met him in person, he didn’t laugh when I said his name “Doo-fres-knee.” It’s really more like “Du-Frayne.” I think.

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John is amazing! He runs a critique group in South Florida and he gave me lots of advice before I got published. Yeah. He rocks.
That's enough to make me want to move to Florida. Plus your photos from the hometown photo week.
john d

john quoted you on his blog this morning.everything you said about him
is true. i just finished his class at the taos summer writer's conference, and he is an awesome teacher. keep on writing!

mollie in austin
Re: john d
I wish I could take a class with him. I was reading Beyond Words, and his was the best contribution in there.