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Susan Beth Pfeffer and Jeanne DuPrau are in frickin’ Newsweek!

Newsweek looks at apocalyptic tales for the teen set. “Remember when children's books frolicked through tales of ponies and princes? The latest kid-lit craze is stories about living through the apocalypse—now.”

In the story, they interview Susan Beth Pfeffer and Jeanne DuPrau. Long-time readers of this blog will know how big I a fan I am of SBP. And Teen devoured all of Jeanne’s books and I’m pretty sure I have her personal e-mail address somewhere. Her personal e-mail address! For a woman whose first book is being made into a movie starring Bill Murray! [Full disclosure: so as not to dim the coolness factor, please forget all the allegations coming out due to his looming divorce.]

And I myself am writing a book set in a dystopian future!

Read more here.

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