When is spam not spam? When you pay $2359.02 to send it

So I got this email:
Dear Mrs. Henry,

A pleasant day to you!

My name is [Redacted], a Marketing Services Representative from BookWhirl.com. We understand that you are an established author and we know how hard it is to promote awareness about your work to the public. Here at BookWhirl.com, we can help you achieve and attain the goal that you want the most for your book.

I am pleased to introduce you to BookWhirl.com.

BookWhirl.com is one of the many world-class companies who offer Marketing Services to result driven authors like you. We currently have three services that we offer, namely the Web Design, E-Mail Advertisement Campaign, and Online Directory Listing Marketing Services.

Our services are priced at a very low rate but are still at par with the industry’s standards, making them very affordable to people like you. Take Marketing Services with another company for example. A Single Advertisement sent via e-mail to five million recipients would cost you at around $8000. Here at BookWhirl.com, the same advertisement could be sent to the same number of recipients at only $2359.02.

By the way, you may refer to the attached digital copy of our brochure for more information.

If your schedule permits, I would like to have an audience with you over the phone to discuss our different Marketing Services that can help you promote your book. Kindly provide me with the best time to contact you and at what phone number. Otherwise, you can always visit us online during your free time at www.BookWhirl.com.
When I replied that it sounded like they sold spam, and that most, if not all, of the authors appeared to be self-published, they replied:
Thank you for replying this e-mail and I appreciate you opinion. But, I just want to inform you that we are not a spam, because if we are, you wouldn’t be able to read this e-mail for the first place. Our services are legitimate, as you can check our website, we do have bookshelves were books of our authors were being featured and we believe that they are happy seeing those. We have the author’s corner were one of our authors are being featured every month, that means there were a lot of authors who avail and currently enjoying our services right now.

Actually, majority of our authors are published authors. But, they still decided to work with us because they strongly believe that bookwhirl.com is a big help to them. We are not only helping self-published authors, but also to traditional authors and also published authors online.

Mrs. Henry, we are here to help people particularly authors like you. We don’t have the intentions of pulling out money out of your pocket. Bookwhirl.com is here to meet the satisfaction that our clients are expecting from us.
Couple of thoughts:
- How many odd grammatical errors can you find? Put your favorite in the comments feature.
- Try clicking on the links of the book they feature, The Abolutionist (despite its nice cover, self-pubbed). Every link I tried gave me a 404 error.
- Think twice, or even five million times before you decide something like this is worth it.

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Probably the same thing I do when I get other email scams--write back to them, give them my opinion (lolololol) and then block 'em.

I do the same for stuff like this I get though the mail as long as they send me a postage paid envelope. :)
It's definitely English as a second language. And maybe some native tongue that uses capitals more than we do.
I think that if Dante were writing today, he'd have a special circle in hell for those who send spam selling the opportunity to spam others.

On the grammar front, welcome to my world. My company is offshoring more and more jobs, so more and more of my day is spent taking source material written by non-native English speakers and turning it into documentation. I'm getting to a point where I can guess where the person is from based on the types of grammatical mistakes they make! People in China make different sorts of mistakes from those in India. My guess is that your correspondent is in India. :-)
I just got this email today! And the one book of mine they mentioned was one I did for a non-profit and I see no royalties from. Funny. They should research better.
They didn't mention any books of mine. You rate!

My favorite phrase is "namely the Web Design"
Just heard from Bookwhirl
I just received a phone call today from a rep at Bookwhirl. They wanted to "feature one of my novels" on their site. Mentioned it by name.

Your blog was one that came up when I googled their name. (Incidently, I couldn't access the Bookwhirl site because they had exceeded their bandwidth--interesting.) I had a difficult time understanding the spiel because of the pronounced accent. Don't believe I'll be doing business with them.

My favorite is "we are not a spam"

BTW, in the process, I discovered LiveJournal. Great site.
Re: Just heard from Bookwhirl
A phone call - you must rate!

There are lots of authors on LiveJournal - it's a very writer-friendly community.
They just called me seconds ago. Stopped them as soon as they said Bookwhirl and thought of you. Thanks for the heads up.
Happy to be of service. The first time I looked online, all I could find was the author of the Absolutionist asking about Bookwhirl as if he had never heard of it - it was like some weird way to get attention for his book.
She is from the Philipines. Currently she is being investigated by the Attorney General of Oklahoma. Her name is really Ivy Rutherford and she is from Green Bay Wisconsin.
Re: hi
Wow - it sounds like you are in the know. She either has a really poor grasp of English or she is hiring overseas help.