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How long is enough?

February 1 was my last day at work. Since then, I have struggled to figure out how much writing I need to do every day. It’s kind of like when I got a two-book contract after having written my first book. How much did I need to write every day in order to have a finished book in 11 months? With my first book, I had been able to take as long as I wanted.

Now, I have two books coming out in 2009 (both written, one still to be edited). Two books coming out in 2010 (one written, but still to be edited, and one slowly coming together). And I find myself back trying to figure out how much I need to write each day in order to have two or three books done by the end of the year. [Full disclosure: I have to write a lot if I want to make up for my old salary and benefits, including a generous pension plan.]

In February, I wrote nearly five hours a day, every day. I’m talking turning my stopwatch off if I even checked email or went to the bathroom. It was pretty crazy and I wrote 40,000 words.

Now I’m aiming for three hours a day, plus some on weekends. Oddly enough, that is enough to fill up a whole day. I don’t goof off, watch TV, or nap. The house is cleaner, but the meals are not markedly better (which was a dream of mine). And I never worked this hard at my real job. At my job there were meetings (many, many meetings), chats with friends, a trip to get coffee, a peek at LiveJournal from time to time.

I was glad to read this post of Sarah Dessen’s. She’s a full time writer, and up until she had her baby, she was writing two hours a day, seven days a week. At least I beat that.

How much do you think is enough? I’m talking pure writing, not reading blogs or talking to your agent or anything. Just writing.

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How much daily writing is enough?

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1 hour
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