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Is this a good idea or not (would love to hear from librarians)

Okay, I'm going to be at the Oregon/Washington school librarians conference. I'll have a session librarians can come to. But I was thinking about how to get more visibility. With my first book, I attended mystery conferences and wore my book cover (shrunk down) as a kind of over-sized pin. (Once I got into the elevator at Bouchercon and the people were discussing my book! My book! I kept my hand over the book cover pin until I heard enough to know they liked it.)

Anyway, I was trying to think of how I could promote Torched, my next YA thriller. The book starts out with a bunch of environmental activists setting a Hummer dealership on fire. So I was thinking, maybe I could get some match books or match boxes with the cover on the front. Only to give out to adults, like the librarian conference. I would never want to encourage kids to smoke.

So would that be cool or weird or something in between. I've never been to a librarian conference.

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