aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

A tale of two runners

Guess which one I am:

Runner A: Tan, slender, lithe. First seen bounding down a 90 degree grass covered hill without any seeming worry for her knees. Running with a rescued greyhound.

Runner B: White, nearly translucent skin makes her legs glow, but not in a good way. If skin were one degree more translucent, could make living as carnival freak ("Step right up and see the amazing see-through woman, ladies and gentleman! View her veins!) Also prone to flushing when exercising or eating spicy food. First seen at a dead stop pretending to check her pulse. When caught unawares by passing man, she jokes, "It may look like I'm stopped, but I'm not really." Man, deadly serious, replies, "Are you okay?"

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Tags: running

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