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Giving hope to mid-list authors everywhere

Okay, Garth Stein has written three books. One is out of print. The second, How Even Broke His Head and Other Secrets, was a fairly quiet book, although it did win the PNBA Book Award.

Oh and the third? The Art of Racing in the Rain. New York Times’ bestseller. Booksense number one pick. Starbucks is selling it – 60,000 copies alone in that venue. Foreign rights sold in 18 countries. Currently number one seller in Taiwan, of all places! Garth has been on tour nearly solidly since May, and will still be going to places like Brazil and Italy.

And reader? I knew him when. Or at least I emailed him when. And I posted about him when here and here. And last night I got to meet him in person and even got a hug.

He said the book came about because of three things. 1. When he was doing documentary films, he was asked to help with a documentary that had been filmed in Mongolia that involved how certain Mongolians bury their dogs to help them in the afterlife. 2. Going to hear Billy Collins, who read a poem from a dog’s point of view. 3. His own involvement in racing.

Hearing Garth talk inspired me. He has reaped amazing success by writing something personally meaningful to him. Of course, How Evan Broke His Head was also something close to his heart, but still, I like the idea that someone be so successful while writing something he is passionate about.

He’s also a charming speaker, and very patient. He answered odd questions and questions he had clearly answered a million times. He signed book after book – and many of them were to people’s dogs. If you think teenagers have oddly spelled names, you should hear how people spell their dogs’ names.

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