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Magazines – my love affair may be waning

When I was a kid we subscribed to one magazine: Time. Pretty sure that’s all we could afford. My aunt passed on her women’s magazines: Ladies’ Home Journal, McCalls, Good Housekeeping. [Full disclosure: I still remember reading in LHJ about two people who fell in love at their 20th high school reunion and got married. I thought “Who cares? They’re practically dead anyway.”]

Over the intervening years I have subscribed to practically every magazine, it seems. [I think I'm a tad too old because I missed the Sassy years, which were wonderful, I've heard.] Magazines about cooking: Cooking Light, Cooks, Cooks Country (still do to all three), Gourmet, Bon Appetit. Magazines that have folded: McCalls, Mademoiselle. I’m the oldest living Glamour subscriber. I also subscribe to More. And Newsweek and Time and Oprah and Entertainment Weekly and People (if I can get it cheap) and Sunset (because I thought my husband wanted it) and Consumers Report.

But now I’m getting jaded. A recent issue of Woman’s Day advised that I could save money by making my own baking powder. Yeah, like buying baking soda and alum and cream of tartar is really going to save me more than five cents. And this month’s issue of Real Simple (which is basically woman’s consumer porn) features the top picks among watering cans. Of course, they never have just one top pick, but five or six. But how can you go wrong with a watering can? Do I really need to know what the best six watering cans are?

The one magazine I will continue to subscribe to is The Sun, even though it costs what three or four of them do put together.

Do you have a magazine you love? Hate?

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