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Your novel idea seems so novel – until you pitch it to someone else

An article in the Wall Street Journal begins, “The day was still young, but already "this is the fourth Iran nuke attack thing I've heard," said Bob Mayer, a novelist and writing coach who earlier this month was a panelist at the third annual ThrillerFest, a four-day extravaganza devised by the International Thriller Writers to further the cause of murder and mayhem, and to educate the best-selling authors of tomorrow in the art of the squeal.

"People are too caught up in today's headlines," said Mr. Mayer of the attendees who sought out his reaction to their plot summaries -- 25 words or less, please. "When you write a thriller about international events, international events could overtake your story."
David Gothard

Further, according to Mr. Mayer, people are also too caught up in the belief that their experiences and occupations are fascinating to other people. "They can be fascinating," he clarified. "But you've got to pump things up.

"I'm not getting the thrills," he told venture capitalist Gregory Belmont, who was enthusiastically laying out the plot of his novel about a venture capitalist recruited by Homeland Security "to discover why Dubai's sovereign wealth fund is making a hostile bid for the nation's leading surveillance company."
To read more about ThrillerFest, click here.

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