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A publicist for a well-known smaller press recently said that touring was very costly, exhausting, and there was a good chance the author would end up by themselves at a bookstore with a stack of books and no one to buy them. She said that if there's no local connection to the area and the author is not a "name" then it's hard to bring in a crowd. She said that bookstores are becoming more reluctant to book events (which take some time and money to mount) unless they feel there will be a good turnout.

She said that doing local events was still a good thing, when you can hope to rope in friends and family, and there is more chance of local coverage.

She also said that when she first started as a publicist, she was told that she should get one print feature, one radio interview, and one TV show for each market an author visits, but that those days are gone and you're lucky to get a couple of event announcements. Media types now tell that an author visiting a city is not enough to warrant coverage, esp. for an author of fiction. At a minimum, there must be some kind of local hook.

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