aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

April is NOT the cruelest month

Contrary to TS Elliot, April is not the cruelest month. No, I think it's July and August. Because I go to the farmers market once or twice a week and come home laden with berries. And then I start cooking. Sure, I enjoy berries on my cereal or on cottage cheese, but who can really resist:

- Homemade cherry pie?
- Strawberry shortcake made with the most amazing shortcake recipe you have ever tasted?
- Raspberry and green-tomato cobbler (no one ever guesses the secret ingredient)
- A tart with a cream filling made with ground pistachios and topped with red and golden raspberries?
- Polenta cake topped with late summer fruit?
- Tarts made with lemon curd and as many different kinds of fresh berries as you can find?
- Etc....

And I wonder why my pants feel tight.

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Tags: fresh fruit, satan
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